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A real estate brochures design can be the differentiator to make a real estate standout

Real Estate Brochures Designing is one of the oldest marketing tool in the book. Even in the age of digital marketing, real estate brochures are still an effective tool for targeting a specific audience and advertising your business.

Whether you’re advertising new properties, promoting your services, or educating your clients, a well-designed brochure can be a big help.

Real Estate Brochures Design is the key marketing collateral to sell any real estate. Real Estate Brochures should contain the following key information for the prospect to take a decision.

1. Project Name and a logo
2. write up about the project
3. floor plans of the units to be sold.
4. Area breakup of units
5. site plan showing the expanse of the project
6. Amenities and specifications
7. Locational Advantages
8. About the Builder
9. Contact Details to get back

Real Estate Brochures Design should be illustrative. every aspect of the brochure has to be explained in graphical format. the most important element is to showcase amenities and features through 3d renderings.

At animation Studio We have studied communications in great depth, visual as well as textual. and we have applied these learnings to Real Estate Brochures.

After studying the subject in depth we realized that a human brain receives a lot of information that it perceives as noise.and accepts only what is easy to understand. A single message is well consumed by the human brain as it makes it easy to assimilate.

We started telling stories of our customers in our brochure that brought out the vision of our customers. 

Did you know that people buy with emotion and support the purchase with logic? When others create factual brochures, they just present facts to their prospects. The prospect cannot find the benefit of buying with this type of communication. The communication is pure noise to prospects and causes more harm than benefit the sale. We take all the pain to study your talking points and present the data in the form of benefits.

We give a package deal of 3d renderings along with Real Estate Brochures.


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