Architectural Rendering Packages in India

Every architect needs to showcase his design to his client. An impressive presentation will make it easy to convince and convey designs to clients. Animation Studio has come out with a unique rendering service to help architects achieve this. The basic package starts with a cost of Rs.15,000/- plus taxes for 3 renderings . the purpose of these renderings is to showcase your design to client and not its surroundings. We ensure that the structure conforms to the design.

Compare Packages

Description This package includes development of upto 3 images for 1 structure of not more than 8 floors with 1 correction This package includes development of 3 images for 1 structure of not more than 8 floors with 3 corrections This package includes development of 3 images for 1 structure of not more than 8 floors with 1 twilight view
Surrounding Environment Standard Standard Customised
No. of corrections 1 2 4
Size of final image in pixels 3000 pixelA4 size 3000 pixelA4 size 5000 pixelA3 size
Types of views 3 day views 3 day views 2 day views & 1 twilight view
Extra charge for every additional structure Rs.2500 Rs.2500 Rs.2500
Extra charge for every additional view Rs.5000 Rs.5000 Rs.15000
Delivery days 4 days 4 days 8 days
Select Rs.15000 Select Rs.20000 Select Rs.45000

Procedure of work

  • Drawings required are all side elevations, all floor plans, sections in DWG format
  • Please mark the camera angles for the 3 views in the drawings
  • Colour scheme suggestive, can be changed during 1st preview
  • we will model the drawings in our 3d softwares
  • we will show you the 1st cut of the 3 images
  • changes can be suggested at this stage
  • the number of times changes can be done will depend on the package.

Payment Terms

  1. 50% advance on the date of starting, 50% on satisfactory completion of work
  2. All works will be given with watermarks and on final payment images without watermark will be given
  3. On receipt of enquiry we will send you a 50% bill for advance, bank transfer can be done with bank details mentioned in the bill

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many changes can i do at a time?

You can do unlimited changes, provided all changes are done at the same time and there is no major change from the drawing provided to us.

2.My elevational features are similar on all elevations can i give only 1 elevation drawing?

You can mention this to us  in the comments and if we find can understand it we will accept the assignment