From time to time we look for new staff and encourage applications. If you think you are up to the challenge of working for Animation Studio then please submit an application.Animation Studio employs some of the best people, and we are always on the look out for new talent to become part of our team.We also take Trainees in various fields. so if you are a fresher feel free to apply mentioning your specialisation and skill sets, we will call you as and when necessary.

Please note that we are not interested in calls from job agencies. If you want this job then apply yourself. If you are a recruitment agency then please don’t waste your/our time. It’s not that we don’t like recruitment agencies but we prefer to engage people ourselves.

Who should apply? People that can demonstrate that they are ready to work at our pace and quality or who feel they are already there. We engage with people on long term basis.The candidate should be willing to constantly learn new technologies during the work, should be able to demonstrate innovation, should be receptive to new training programs.

Animation Studio is progressive, motivated and global. If you think you are the right kind of person for our company then you should apply ASAP and our jobs don’t wait around forever.


1.Position: Lighting cum Post Production Artist


Experience level: 6 months to 1 year experience in lighting in V ray, Mental Ray or similar renderers

Location:Goa, India

We are looking for a lighting artist with also a keen interest in post production, preferably with experience in After effects, Smoke and fusion.

The person should have basic knowledge of editing in Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier.

The role will take you through producing stunning artwork and animations.

You must be keen, able to communicate with clients and take pride in your work.

Experience in other forms of digital media would be a bonus but not necessary.

Interested in the job apply to


2.Position: Modelling Artist

fresher-modelling-artistExperience level: Fresher to 6 months experience in 3d modelling

Location:Goa, India

Candidate will be responsible for 3d modeling, texturing of models and basic lighting to test modelling details.

Should be thorough with 3d modelling concept. should be able to read architectural drawings from Autocad format.

Although candidates from other backgrounds can apply however we prefer candidates with Diploma in Mechanical, or Civil or Architecture and have knowledge of Autocad drafting software.

Freshers will have to take our aptitude test and will be be provided with requisite training.

Interested in the job apply to




Please do not contact the Marketing Departments for for queries related to Jobs. Please write to the HR department directly at . Otherwise click here to send your resume. The above mentioned Posts are the only vacancies available at present. More vacancies in other fields will be available in future and will be put up here. meanwhile your resume will be stored in our records and we will get back to you at the appropriate time.