Today visualization solutions are a key aspect of real estate marketing. At Animation Studio, we provide a wide range of excellent architectural visualization services in a quick time frame at affordable prices.

We are a Indian, professionally managed company established in 2005 with a vision to raise the bar on 3D animation services and 3D architectural facilities in India. Our repertoire ranges from 3D modelling and rendering to architectural walkthroughs for homes, hotels and apartment complexes and even motion graphic animation.




Our work spans clients based in India and Europe, giving us an insight into both, domestic and international markets. With deft communication skills and processes developed over time, we coordinate smoothly over the internet with clients around the world. Our location in a Tier III city in India and an enviable pool of reusable library models allows us to keep costs lower and output quicker than most other top 3D companies in the country.

Animation Studio comprises a large team of 30 highly trained professionals who can complete large projects in a short time frame. This also allows us to engage in bulk projects with great deals on prices. For all our 3D visualization solutions, we use open source Blender software with Cycles render and Adobe Photoshop for post-production. This keeps our clients safe from any licence violations related to our products. Each day, we strive to achieve client satisfaction and ensure delivery of work up to the standards we promise.

At Animation Studio, work spans a plethora of architectural visualizations for residential towers, small group housing schemes, large and small villa projects, theme parks, commercial and mall projects, hotel projects and other real estate marketing videos. We work well with both established business houses as well as start-up companies, and for the latter, will be more than happy to provide consultation services and guidance on choice of visualization solutions based on project size.

Our creative team is split into two departments: photorealisting rendering and motion graphics animation. Both departments include pre-production, production and post-production teams. In the motion graphics animation department, the pre-production team conceptualizes the presentation, designs storyboards, writes scripts and develops models. The production team executes the work seamlessly according to the concept, followed by the post-production team which executes special effects, 2D animation and other graphics.

The work at Animation Studio has been recognised in India and abroad. We have been awarded an ISO 9001:2008 certification by accreditation authority Sisbel in Turkey. Through this, our processes are certified to be the best, in which we maintain client data secrecy and data backups. Animation Studio has also been awarded the best architectural visualization company by India’s premier brand management consultancy Brands Academy.

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